Monthly Archives: February 2020

Car loan with final installment

Now compare the best car loans with the final price anonymously online “without registration and personal data. Properties of the last rate loan Information about the last rate car loan. Car loan with the last installment – advantages and disadvantages With a car loan with last installment, not the entire …

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Buying an air conditioner with loans.

Last summer, her air conditioning broke down and she decided to wait until the following year to face that additional financial outlay, since she would not need it at the moment. The problem is that this year the hottest months started earlier than expected and the additional payment you planned …

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Credit risk: What is it?

This phenomenon has traditionally been related to financial institutions. It can also be extended to companies, individuals, financial markets and organizations from other sectors. For example, when companies finance a product to their customers, when suppliers charge thirty days or when an investor buys a bond: they all have the …

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