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CSX to repair railway crossing on Portland Way South


GALION – The CSX crossing on Ohio 309/61 (Portland Way South) will be closed for repairs for approximately a week starting Tuesday, July 6.

Galleon City Communications Director Matt Echelberry said CSX crews are expected to be in town to perform repairs on the crossing at the city’s southern end from July 6 through Tuesday July 13. The level crossing and the roadway will be closed while the project is in progress and the detours will be in place.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Weekly Construction Update for Crawford County, the detour route for southbound motorists will be from Ohio 61 to Ohio 97, east of Ohio 97 to Ohio 19, south of Ohio 19 to Ohio 288, west of Ohio 288 to Ohio 61. Reverse route will be in place for motorists heading north.

Other projects

Construction continues on the storm sewer replacement project on Gleddale Boulevard off Portland Way South. Crawford Construction, Inc. won the project after submitting a low bid of $ 38,500. City officials said the line being replaced runs from the start of Gleddale Boulevard to the west end of the roadway where it empties.

The existing sewer line collapsed in several places, causing flooding in some yards along the roadway and adversely affecting the foundations of some houses in the neighborhood. The new line will allow stormwater to drain out of the neighborhood and prevent flooding in the area, city officials said.

Some time after the Gleddale Boulevard project ends, road paving will be done in 15 streets around the city. The total cost of the paving is not to exceed $ 425,200, according to an ordinance from Galion City Council approved in April.

Here is the work that will be done and the list of streets that will be paved: “Removal of the wear layer and installation of a new asphalt surface on Carmel Avenue (all); Fortney Avenue (all); Boulevard Gleddale (all); McDonald Avenue (all); Nichols Drive (all); North Liberty Street (Sherman to Hetrick); North Union Street (Erie to Westgate); Orange Street (Grand at McDonald’s); Avenue Pounder (all); Riblet Street (from Dawsett to Wood); Wood Street (from South Street to East Street); Walnut Street (3rd Avenue to 6th Avenue); Rosewood Avenue (all); Church Street (under viaduct); and overlay Henry Street (all).

The Ohio 598 (Portland Way North) widening project at the city’s north end is slated to begin this fall. City officials said the majority of the work will be completed in 2022. The estimated cost of the project is $ 4.5 million. A combination of local, state and federal funding will be used to fund the project. The Ohio Department of Transportation oversees it.

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