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efforts to move the delayed railway monument | News, Sports, Jobs


Efforts to bring the historic Dunkirk railway monument closer to the town pier have been delayed. Photo by MJ Stafford

There is an indefinite delay in moving the monument to Dunkirk’s first railway.

“I prefer to do it correctly than quickly” said the director of the city’s public works department, Randy Woodbury. The monument, to the arrival of the first New York and Erie Railroad train on May 15, 1851, currently stands near the intersection of Main, Fourth, and Ruggles streets. The city wants to move it to a more visible location on the promenade near the city pier.

Originally, move the monument “Was supposed to be urgent work on a Saturday”, said Woodbury. It was to be at its new location by Memorial Day.

However, he called Titus Monuments of Fredonia first to consult them on the move, “and they said, it’s trickier than you might think.”

It is a three-part monument held by pegs, he said.

In fact, Woodbury said Titus did not have the proper crane to help move the monument, nor did Kravitz Tree Service, another Fredonia company the Director of Public Works asked for advice. Until such a crane can be brought in, the move cannot take place.

“We had about two of the four stages (for the move), we knew we were good, but I delayed that until all four stages were perfect. “ said Woodbury. One of the steps in place is the monument’s new base on the promenade, which was recently completed.

Woodbury now hopes to combine the dedication of the monument with the celebration of the anniversary of the construction of the promenade later this summer. He hopes to secure a police escort from the monument when moving from his current location to the new site.

“The process will be a little more controlled”, he said. “I would be heartbroken if we did damage to this monument.

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