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Investment in old Co-Op building and multi-storey car park are priorities for Newhaven regeneration

Councilor James MacCleary
Councilor James MacCleary

A program committee is being put in place to oversee the progress of the Re-imagining Newhaven project, which will transform underutilized and vacant commercial properties in the heart of downtown over the next three years.

The project includes the re-commissioning of the old cooperative building and a redesign of the multi-storey car park on Dacre Road.

Councilor James MacCleary, Head of Council and Local Councilor for Newhaven South, said: visit residents like me already recognize.

“The government’s Future High Streets Fund has a very competitive bidding process and the awarding of this grant is a significant achievement for Council, Newhaven and Lewes Districts as a whole. ”

Re-imagining Newhaven will provide work and meeting spaces for the creative industries as well as strengthening and diversifying the city center to expand the service offering to residents.

Access to the city center will be improved to attract more people and encourage them to stay longer so that local spending increases to contribute to the wealth of the community.

Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2023.

Mr. MacCleary added, “As residents, we all know our city is a great place to live and work, but it has been abandoned too often over the years.

“We still hear a lot of big promises that come nowhere so I’m really happy that we can announce something concrete.

“The old cooperative building and the multi-storey parking lot are in desperate need of investment and these will be our priorities for this funding.

“With the opening of the new riverside site The Sidings at Railway Quay, the reopening of the fort last month with over £ 1million in improvements and the town center transformation underway, Newhaven has a lot to offer. ”