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It doesn’t get hotter than that: the Paqui One Chip Challenge® returns for 2021, daring only the bravest to take on the new chip featuring two of the world’s hottest peppers


AUSTIN, Texas, August 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Paqui tortilla chips, part of Amplify Snack Brands, today announced the return of the (highly anticipated) Paqui One Chip Challenge for the fifth year, inviting spice lovers to experience The Reaper like never before. This year’s hell-hot tortilla chips are wrapped in two totally terrifying peppers, the Carolina Reaper and the Scorpion Pepper, and an additional secret ingredient: Pure Fear.

“After five years of multiple tastings and, without fail, raising the bar once again, the Paqui team have found a dangerous duo,” said Caitlin Moralic, Paqui Brand Manager. “I can officially back the saying ‘less is more.’ While this year’s challenge has the least amount of spice yet, fans should be warned not to underestimate the instant Scorpio sting and woe. gradual and spicy from The Reaper. “

Priced at $ 6.99 USD, the 2021 Paqui One Chip Challenge is quite a thriller, no filling with just three simple seasoning ingredients for the deadliest spice combination yet that will humiliate even the most entrenched participants. tough. Those who dare put up with the heat can go to Paqui.com/onechipchallenge and Amazon to buy the chip online or find participating local retailers.


After years of experimentation behind the scenes, Paqui is excited to publicly present the group responsible for creating, testing and tasting the hottest chip each year for the Paqui One Chip Challenge – The Paqui Spice Council. The Council is made up of select sadistic Paqui employees – from R&D to sales to marketing – and is a mix of seasoned spice lovers and self-identified “mere mortals”. Each year, the Paqui Spice Council works with spice vendors to try different combinations of seasonings until they reach the desired heat level.

In honor of five years of the Paqui One Chip Challenge and behind-the-scenes experimentation, the Paqui Spice Council reveals five highlights you might not know about the infamous Challenge:

  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint: To bring you the hottest chip possible, the development process takes 3-4 months. Each member of the Spice Council eats the chip from the previous year and compares it to new iterations, often requiring a week’s recovery between each taste test.
  • Train your taste buds: To prepare for the Paqui One Chip Challenge, the Spice Council recommends training your taste buds by browsing Paqui’s daily range of chips, starting with the Mucho Nacho Cheese flavor through to the Haunted Ghost Pepper.® flavor. If you consider yourself a “seasoned” spice pro, you can prepare for the challenge by simply eating Paqui’s Haunted Ghost Pepper.® fries.
  • Watch out for the devil in disguise: Don’t be fooled by the fruity smell of this year’s crisps. The Spice Council selected this dangerous duo of peppers – Scorpion and Carolina Reaper – for sensory overload; Scorpio immediately stings your mouth as The Reaper’s spicy affliction overwhelms you.
  • Learn from our mistakes: Avoid consuming carbonated drinks before taking the Paqui One Chip Challenge in the evening, before a day’s work, or on an empty stomach.
  • SOS (Survive Our Spices): Spice Council’s proven remedies include high-fat snacks such as coconut milk, ice cream, and chocolate, and ingesting a spoonful of olive oil beforehand. Still struggling to survive? Take a nap!

    Fans are encouraged to take on The Reaper and share their experience with The Paqui One Chip Challenge by tagging @paquichips with the hashtag #OneChipChallenge on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. To spice it up, Paqui encourages the intrepid to challenge their friends, foes, or foes to see if they can handle the sting of the Paqui One Chip Challenge as well.

    On top of that, fans should be on the lookout for an episode of Hot Ones later in August, featuring a special guest trying out The Paqui One Chip Challenge.


    Paqui’s delicious and spicy daily range of chips can help train the taste buds for the Paqui One Chip Challenge, including Haunted Ghost Pepper®, the spiciest tortilla chips you can find in stores.

    Rated from “Freakin ‘Hot to Not Hot,” Paqui flavors include:

    • Haunted Ghost Pepper®: The spiciest and most popular flavor in the Paqui line, these chips are terribly tangy and contain a blend of Ghost Pepper, Cayenne Pepper and Chipotle Pepper.
    • Fiery Limon from Chile: Known for packing a spicy punch of red peppers and a hint of lime, this crisps are a dynamic blend of spicy and tangy.
    • Tropical Jalapeño: The perfect mix of sweet and spicy with spicy jalapeños and a touch of pineapple.
    • Spicy Salsa Verde: One of the sweetest flavors out there, but this crisps still have a kick with a combination of tangy tomatillos and creamy sour cream.
    • Mucho Nacho cheese: Made with real cheddar cheese and real spices, Mucho Nacho cheese is a nacho lover’s dream and will satisfy cravings for cheese tortilla chips without any artificial flavors or ingredients.

    Paqui’s Everyday Crisps are Project Verified Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

    About Amplify Snack Brands, Inc.

    Acquired by The Hershey Company in 2018, Amplify Snack Brands, Inc. is a family of brands, including SkinnyPop®, Paqui®, Oatmega® and Pirate’s Booty®, dedicated to sharing our simple, tastier idea of ​​what good good food should be. snacks. Together, we’ve proven that when you start with the right, top-quality ingredients, you don’t need anything more to do something really special. In short, our snacks are made with the fewest, cleanest, and simplest ingredients possible to create the best tasting products. We don’t mean to say we’ve set the bar for healthier snacks, because the truth is, we’re always busy raising it. Our company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information visit amplifysnackbrands.com.

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