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Kennett’s Ebaugh is a two-way star for the Blue Demons softball team – PA Prep Live


KENNETT PLACE >> Chester County has a lot of very good softball players, many of whom would be a great choice as the top player in the area. But no player has played a bigger role in her team’s success than Kennett’s Genevieve Ebaugh.

For her contributions both with her arm in the circle and with her bat on offense, Genevieve Ebaugh is the 2021 Daily Local News Softball Player of the Year.

Still a junior, Ebaugh is already well known for her pitching. This season, Ebaugh has posted some of the best numbers the county has ever seen, and it’s an area that has seen some of the state’s best pitchers in recent years.

Ebaugh, who hit 67 mph and consistently hit the mid-60s in games, struck out 318 batters in 151.2 innings, while walking just 43. She had 12 games with 15 strikeouts or more, and peaked for the season. 20 in a no-hitter in the districts’ first round. That no-no was one of five this season, with three hits. Opponents hit just 0.129 against her as she posted a 1.15 ERA.

The Maryland rookie says it comes down to speed and spin.

“When I’m sure and can mix and match my locations, it makes me really effective as a pitcher,” Ebaugh said. “My pitching coach (Earl Rutledge) worked for years to help me get the spins. He had such a great influence on me.

Take away the mind-blowing pitching numbers, and Ebaugh would still be in the discussion about the best players in the area. Typically hitting on hole two, Ebaugh hit 0.484 for the season, with 30 hits, including nine home runs and five more extra hits, for a 1.016 slugging percentage and 1.606 OPS.

“I think I might have had three or four more homers if all the courts we played had fences,” Ebaugh joked.

Perhaps most impressive, Ebaugh has 29 RBIs and 28 RBIs, meaning she has scored or hit nearly 60% of Kennett’s total points for the season.

“I am very proud to be a complete player,” said Ebaugh. “I give pitching lessons every week and I go to the fields several times a week. I also train several times a week for power and explosiveness.

Kennett’s Genevieve Ebaugh is the 2021 Daily Local Softball Player of the Year. (Bill Rudick – For MediaNews Group)

The Blue Demons star has also stolen 23 goals for the season. Base racing is an underrated aspect of the game, but not for Ebaugh.

“The base run is my favorite part of the game,” Ebaugh said. “I’ve always enjoyed directing the basics since watching the film 42. After that, I studied how Jackie Robinson conducted the basics on film and tried to incorporate that skill into my playing.”

Ebaugh got her start in the sport playing baseball with her brother and switched to softball at age eight when she joined her first travel team, the 10U DE Cobras. His current club team is Newtown Rock 18U Gold Garvey.

“It’s a great team with an amazing group of players,” said Ebaugh. “Really looking forward to our summer season starting this week. “

Ebaugh has worked with Rutledge for about seven years now, and she credits her mentor with much of her success in the circle.

“He’s taught me everything I know about the pitcher and he’s always been very positive with me,” Ebaugh said. “I couldn’t have achieved any of these goals without him and his guidance.”

Like any great athlete, Ebaugh knows there is always room for improvement.

“I have to work on being more consistent and efficient on my throws,” Ebaugh said. “The more consistent you are with your movement, the harder it is for hitters to pick up pitches and the more efficient you can be as the pitch allows you to go deeper in plays, and with more pop in the later innings.” . A three-throw inning is always the goal.

Additional credit for his growth as an athlete goes to his personal trainer, Barry Swanson of Train Hard Win Big.

“He constantly pushes me in training to lift more, run faster and be more explosive,” Ebaugh said.

Although softball had always been her primary sport, during her first year at Kennett, Ebaugh was a three-sport athlete for the Blue Demons, playing field hockey in the fall and basketball in the winter in addition to softball. in spring. She still plays basketball for the Demons, but gave up field hockey to focus on fall softball.

“I’ve always loved softball and have been fortunate enough to be on some great travel teams along the way,” Ebaugh said. “I started going to college camps in grade seven and realized I might have a chance to play at the next level. Then I really started to put a lot of time and energy into training and training to get bigger, stronger and faster.

Ebaugh will indeed play at the next level, in B1GTen, for the University of Maryland, where she will likely major in agriculture and business.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in a power five conference, and coach Mark Montgomery helped make that a reality last fall,” Ebaugh said. “I fell in love with school the moment I entered campus. The school is beautiful, has impressive facilities and excellent academics. The coaching staff have been great and can’t wait to join their team and help them win the Big 10 title. ”

Kennett’s Genevieve Ebaugh is the 2021 Daily Local Softball Player of the Year. (Bill Rudick – For MediaNews Group)

But first, Ebaugh will return for his final year at Kennett and will be hoping the Blue Demons can improve on the great season they have had this year. Kennett tied with Rustin for best Ches-Mont American record, then knocked out the Interboro seed in the district tournament before falling in a thrilling overtime match against eventual District 1, 5A champion. West Chester East in the semi-finals. The Blue Demons fell to one victory less than a state square.

“We’ve had a great season this year,” said Ebaugh. “Getting to the United States was one of our goals and although we didn’t make it this year, we will be back next year to meet that goal. The coaches talked about it after our last game and we all know that’s the goal.

Ebaugh wanted to be sure to thank his team and his coaches.

“The KTown team made this season a memorable one,” said Ebaugh. “We had field hockey players to help us build a team this year, seniors who came back this year to help cover injuries and all the young players who had to quickly learn a starting role since we took over. missed COVID last year and development time. They have all done a great job adapting to their roles and delivering key pieces at key moments in a number of games this year. And Coach Gotti and Coach B guided us all the way.

Sport has always been a part of Ebaugh’s family life. His brother, Charles, just graduated from KHS and was the playmaker for the boys’ basketball team. Her mother, Anne, played college field hockey. And dad, Chris, ran track and field at the University of Delaware, and is now one of Kennett’s softball coaches.

“Sometimes we fight, but he knows me the best,” Ebaugh said. “He’s been there for me and has taken every pitching lesson for many years to learn what to work on and what to call in games. He knows my move and presents the best, so it’s great to have someone like that in the shelter to help you out. He expects a lot from me and pushes me to give the best of myself.

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