Road safety

Michelin focuses on road safety in its #SafeOnMichelin campaign

Michelin is leading the #SafeOnMichelin campaign, which emphasizes vehicle road safety. The brand in its unique initiative has partnered with several Youtubers to highlight the advantages of using Michelin tires which have good grip, better quality of raw materials as well as shorter braking time. #SafeOnMichelin is successfully carried out on Twitter and YouTube.

Break down the details

The campaign has a competition and a critical section. The competition is aimed at viewers of popular YouTube videos such as those by Gagan Choudhary, JS Films, Jatt Prabhjot, MSK, etc. The public is invited to guess the names of the different cities indicated in the mystery box. Participants are encouraged to tweet or comment on the name of the correct city in the video using #SafeOnMichelin and follow #MichelinIndia’s Twitter for the results.

The second part of the campaign raises awareness of the safety induced by the use of premium quality tires like those from Michelin. Overall, the campaign attracted interest from Twitterati. The hashtag #SafeOnMichelin has been in fashion for several days

Abhishek Joshi, digital marketing manager at Michelin, was also recently listed in 40 under 40 traders and is the curator of a popular blog aimed at finding homes for stray dogs dog withblog.

YouTubers speak

MONTY VLOGS explained in detail the different types of tires available in a Michelin store. This included all types of vehicles including four wheeler vehicles, tire types were classified and mentioned based on thickness and type of vehicle i.e. XUV, SUV, etc.

The highlight of the Michelin tires according to the dealer in the video is that they are made of a purely premium quality. The tires also provide additional safety to the car, longer than average life (25% more than regular tires), offer lower rolling resistance and shorter stopping distance. He also clearly described how the cost / km of a regular tire and a Michelin tire are the same. This means that at the same cost / KM, Michelin offers safer journeys.

Popular travel vlogger, Jatt Prabhjot unveiled the contest as part of his vlog. He unveiled the mystery box and urged his followers to comment and win some exciting prizes. His video has garnered over a million views, predicting a deeply interested audience. YouTube blogger MSK with 2.5M also included the mystery box puzzle in his video. To which he added a hint that he often visits the place in his videos.

Both parts of the contest are amazing for grabbing the attention of consumers and boosting their confidence in the product by getting unsolicited reviews from famous bloggers. The hashtag was used for several days on Twitter and also reached over 10 million people on Facebook.