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Plans to improve road safety at Frogmore Road / Slag Lane have been rejected

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A ROUTE improvement program for the Frogmore Road / Slag Lane town area has been rejected by Wiltshire council.

Westbury City Council approached Wiltshire City Council in November for help funding the project that would have transformed the area into a safer space for residents and road users, with the introduction of cameras automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and new traffic signs.

The project was rejected in favor of other proposed plans, with Wiltshire and Councilor Gordon King saying “the decision was made on the basis of cost alone”.

At Westbury City Council’s Highways, Planning and Development (HP&D) Committee on December 20, councilors discussed the decision.

HP&D President Cllr Mike Sutton said: “The funding available is limited and this was not seen as a priority. It may also be due to comments from this council that the program did not fully address the issues raised by residents. I would like to say that now is the time to revisit the plans and find a solution that the Wiltshire Council community transport group can consider. “

Cllr Gordon King added, “It doesn’t mean the program is dead, it just means we have to reapply in subsequent years, starting next year. Other devices were deemed higher priority this year, although they obtained less results [on the deliverability scores] that Frogmore Road didn’t actually score, which is disappointing.

Since the growth of housing development in the Frogmore Road / Slag Lane area, pedestrian safety issues due to the increase and speed of traffic have been highlighted. City council offered their plan to improve safety for pedestrians and road users, but admitted it probably didn’t go far enough.

As housing construction continues, residents have complained about the effects of construction traffic. A member of the public attended the meeting to draw Councilors’ attention to these issues. She said this heavy plant is parked on a yielding road. She also said that during resurfacing work underway in the Slag Lane area, a company pulled its heavy plant down at 2 a.m. In response, cllr Sutton said the board should write to say this was unacceptable. He also said councilors were unaware that Slag Lane had not been officially adopted by Wiltshire council. “It was news for us,” he said.