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Police launch road safety operation during summer vacation in Illawarra | Illawarra Mercury

A Berkeley learner who allegedly drove with three illicit drugs in his system is among those the police have already caught during their summer road safety operation. NSW Police’s Summer Safe Strike Force will see additional highway patrol cars and officers on the roads of Illawarra during the summer vacation period. During a four-hour operation in the Lake Illawarra Police District last week, 11 motorists tested positive for drugs, two were caught driving while disqualified and one was suspended, and others were found driving at high speed and committing other traffic violations. Read more: Olympian Emma McKeon supports beach safety after drownings increase. Among them, a 22-year-old man from Berkeley, whose drug test is said to have yielded positive results for methamphetamine, cocaine and cannabis. The learner driver did not have a supervising driver with him. His license was immediately suspended and he was fined. He could face charges, pending further drug test results. Strike Force Summer Safe also operates in the far south of the state and in the Hume region. The Illawarra Mercury Newsroom is funded by our readers. You can sign up to support our journalism here. Subscribe below to receive topical emails …