Road issues

Province working on long-term solutions to Cariboo Highway problems

The project manager for so-called Cariboo Road Recovery Projects says longer-term solutions are underway, but some shorter-term solutions are now complete for the 10 hardest hit roads in the region.

Murray Tekano says they have teams working at each of these project sites to assess options…

“The first priority is safety, making sure what is there and what is being used is safe and that we can maintain it, and again we resurface and that will help. In terms of longer term solutions, we are looking at whether the road can be fixed, can it be stabilized and is it practical to do it again, or should we consider something more substantial, and in some cases, it may mean moving. “

Tekano says, however, that longer-term solutions are going to take some time.

“Frankly, there are quite a few analyzes to specifically answer this question. We are undertaking these engineering studies of geotechnical works and we will discuss with the communities as well as with the people of the region their interest and concerns regarding the possible alternatives. It’s going to take us at least a good chunk of a year, and then we’ll come forward with recommendations to the government.

Eight of the region’s hardest hit roads are in the Quesnel area, while the other two are in the Williams Lake area.

In terms of short-term solutions, Highway 97 near Cottonwood and Blackwater Road on Knickerbokcer Hill has been paved in the Quesnel area, as has Highway 20 at Hodgson / Dog Creek Road in Williams Lake.

Others, like Quesnel-Hixon Road and Quesnel-Hydraulic Road, have alternative routes.

Traffic can still pass on either side of Highway 97 for Quesnel-Hixon Road, and French Road has been improved and is maintained for those on Quesnel-Hydraulic Road.