Road safety

Residents seek redress for road safety issues, write MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Amritsar, December 11

Townspeople have asked MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla for a follow-up to the outstanding issues of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) that Minister Nitin Gadkari had given assurances during the Question Time session during the last session of Parliament.

Members of Amritsar Vikas Manch’s office wrote to MP Aujla about the current status of NHAI officials for the installation of lampposts on the bypass section of the NH-3 Amritsar road. “The Minister of Road Transport and Highways had answered Aujla’s question during the last session of Lok Sabha for a rapid repair of the lighting problem of the bypass streets of Amritsar as well as the repair of important measures of road safety on the section by installing safety blinders / cat eyes with approval for raised road section on the section of Gumtala-Amritsar airport.

A call for tenders for streetlights was launched a few months ago. However, it looks like it will require a strong push from the MP to get the project started. So we wrote to the MP to follow up with the relevant department and officers, ”said Yogesh Kamra, secretary of Amritsar Vikas Manch.

Many major accidents have accelerated in recent months and with the onset of winters, dense fog on this section will further aggravate the poor visibility on this bypass section. Residents of localities such as Holy City, Swiss City, Guru Gobind Singh Avenue, Guru Amardass Avenue, Jhujhar Singh Avenue, Gumtala Village, Loharka Road, Ranjit Avenue, University Guru Nanak Dev use the NH-1 for daily commutes and millions of tourists and visitors take the same route to SGRDJ International Airport, Attari border – Wagah Indo-Pak, Ram Tirath, War Memorial, Saada Pind and Amrit Anand Park.

In addition, the demand for six lanes of the Amritsar bypass section from Dhilwan to Attari as well as the poor maintenance of the Amritsar-Pathankot NH-54 section and the removal of the main black spots identified on NH-3 were also raised. during the Lok Sabha session by the deputy. In response to the member’s question, the Minister of Transport had ensured that these files would be treated as a priority.

“We have requested to discuss these issues with President NHAI or relevant officials for the swift implementation of the installation of traffic lights on the entire bypass stretch as well as the swift remediation of other outstanding issues,” added AVM secretary.