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Review: Your Lover’s Last Letter


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Directed by: Augustin Frizzell

Castes: Felicity jones (Ellie Haworth), Nabhan Rizwan (Rory McCallan), Callus turner (Anthony O’Hare), Joe alwyn (Laurence Stirling), Shailene woodley (Jennifer Stirling), Ben Croix (Older Anthony O’Hare), Diane kent (Older Jennifer Stirling)

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Broadcast on: Netflix

Based on the novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes. (Image source: IMDb)

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A woman runs away from her home sweet home to join her illicit lover, but encounters a car accident. She loses her memory and does not recognize anyone and everyone, not even her lover. This is Jennifer from “Your Lover’s Last Letter”.


The story opens with Mrs. Jennifer Stirling in 1965-London, the wife of an industrialist entering her house after a long illness following a car accident. Her husband, Mr. Laurence Stirling, does his best to comfort his recovering wife. Jennifer is seen having flashbacks of the memory stolen by the car crash throughout the film.

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Your lover's last letter
Ms. Jennifer Stirling in a photo from The Last Letter From Your Lover. (Image source: insider)

An interwoven story is projected on screen with Ellie Haworth, an ambitious journalist working for The London Chronicle. She is to write an article on the recently deceased editor-in-chief Mary Ellen. Her research amidst the works of Mary Ellen brings her to the threshold of an archivist named Rory. While romance isn’t Ellie’s cup of tea speaks volumes, it turns a new leaf the moment she finds a love letter, to someone identified as “J”, from “Boot” among the business owned by Mary Ellen. Moved by the passionate feelings between the underground couple, Ellie becomes determined to learn their identities. In the company of the very formal Rory, she goes in search of a treasure of secret love letters from 1965 exchanged between the two mysterious lovers.

Your lover's last letter
Ellie Haworth (L) and Rory (R) in a photo from The Last Letter From Your Lover. (Image source: Radio Times)

In the mid-1960s, Jennifer Stirling and her husband Laurence went to the French Riviera for a summer vacation. Financial reporter Anthony O’Hare arrives to interview Laurence. After dinner with wealthy socialites, Jennifer overhears Anthony insulting the Stirlings for their spoiled lifestyle. Anthony invites the Stirlings to dinner, which Laurence left unceremoniously because of a sudden business trip.

This leaves Jennifer and Anthony spending the summer together until he returns. Jennifer draws a similarity between Anthony and “William Boot” from the book Scoop by Evelyn Waugh. And so, they begin to write letters to each other, under the pseudonyms “J” and “Boot” (or “B”). Neither act on their growing electricity, until Jennifer impulsively tries to kiss O’Hare. When he walks away, she runs away. A few days later, a letter written by Anthony reaches him, offering to meet at Postman’s Park in London where they steal a passionate kiss.

Your lover's last letter
Mrs Jennifer Stirling (L) and Anthony O’Hare (R) in a photo of your lover’s last letter. (Image source: Refinery 29)

They start a whirlwind affair. Finally, he offers to flee with him to New York. Jennifer fears being labeled adultery by her family and friends. However, after Anthony sends him a letter stating that he will be waiting for her at the train station the night he leaves, Jennifer rushes to meet him. Unfortunately, she has a car accident causing partial amnesia. Anthony leaves for New York, believing that Jennifer’s fear has gotten the better of him.

The last letter from your lover.
Ms. Jennifer Stirling in a photo from The Last Letter From Your Lover. (Image source: Netflix)

Six months after the car accident, Jennifer feels lost as she struggles to regain her memories. She begins to find several of “Boot’s” love letters hidden in her house. Jennifer confronts Laurence, who claims Anthony died in the crash. As the going gets tough for Laurence with their two-year-old daughter Esme, Jennifer bumps into Anthony four years later, giving him back memories of their time together. Anthony begs her again to run away with him, but she refuses out of consideration for her daughter.

Enraged at Laurence for his lies, Jennifer claims she will stay with him because of their daughter, but swears to leave if he mistreats her. In turn, Laurence threatens to ruin Jennifer’s reputation and obtain sole custody of their daughter. This prompts Jennifer to escape with their daughter to go with Anthony but learns that Anthony has quit his job and left. Forced to go back to the drain with Laurence, Jennifer gives the packet of love letters to the editor to send to Anthony if they hear from him.

Your lover's last letter
Rory McCallan (L) and Ellie Haworth (R) in a photo from The Last Letter From Your Lover. (Image source: IMDb)

Ellie and Rory are getting closer these days as they uncover a treasure trove of those love letters. After spending the night with Rory, Ellie distances herself from him and learns that Jennifer and Anthony are both alive. After getting along with the two of them, talking and hearing their relentless efforts to revive their lost love affair, Ellie decides to enter into a relationship with Rory, not wanting to live a life of remorse. Ellie comes back to Anthony and encourages him to write one last letter to Jennifer to meet him at Postman’s Park. Ellie and Rory watch from a distance the two senile lovers reunite.


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