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TAP: The trains are back …


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Well, as we continue to tentatively dip our toes into the waters of “normalcy,” it was finally time last week for Kamron and Nana to set foot on the old Robinet family farm.

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While we always only have big family dinners outside, we felt it was okay to do this ‘drastic’ move indoors as my sister, Donald and I were all way past our second jab. and Kamron spends quite a bit of time with all of us.

Although I was told several times that “the train table is still in the basement”, I think there was a part of Kamron that just didn’t believe it until he walks into the living room and it wasn’t there.

“Where is your aunt train table?” “

“I told you, he’s still in the basement.

“But why?”

I didn’t tell him the real answer, of course, that months ago he came down because I couldn’t bear to watch this stark reminder of what we all missed: time with family and friends .

That second-hand train table that had brought so much joy and also sparked more than a few scramble matches when more than one child attempted to play with it was a pervasive reminder that there was no end in sight. of the pandemic.

When the first lockdown started, on Facetime calls, Kamron would ask to see the train table and I would turn my phone over so he could see it, even though he couldn’t play on it.

Before I ask the obvious question – why didn’t I just send it to Kamron’s house – let me tell you, Kamron presides over 100,000 Thomas trains and a million pieces of track and other accessories. There was literally no room for anything else.

And with us, Brio is the name of the game and Kamron, who has become a real master engineer, knows the difference between the two brands and sometimes uses various trains, which he conscientiously maintains and then exchanges for something else.

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Over the past year and a half his focus on trains has become even sharper and watching this four year old crush an intricate track setup is a thing to see. It’s both amazing to see, but also somewhat frustrating because these setups (there might be a more technical word for these things, so if you’re a train fan too, forgive me!) While ‘he has more track, he can even expand into another room.

Even before the lockdown, when he was barely three years old, I had found myself with the chair I was sitting in surrounded by rails on more than one occasion.

The last time we had a family dinner at home, I took a few of our trains and rails outside for Kamron to play with, which wasn’t my best plan as he started. to build around the area we were all sitting in.

But finally, the time has come to bring the beloved train table (which is actually a board with a bunch of rails, bridges, and other things attached to it), upstairs, where she is now sitting on a wooden chest in the living room, all cleaned up and waiting for the little engineer to visit.

It’s a sign to me at least that things are improving, despite the disturbing things we continue to read about the virus that continues to impact us all.

But, we have learned a lot about it and as the science continues to evolve, I hope that the day will come when our current restrictions can be fully lifted and we can continue with our lives as before.

For now, we can savor the victories in our lives and there is plenty to do, whether it’s a restaurant meal, a long-awaited reunion with friends, or the arrival of a much-loved train table.

In the meantime, be well my friends!

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